Traci. 24. Fashion Designer. Thirsty for life, love, and adventure.
Currently living in Kentucky. Welcome to my mind.

"Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.”
— Ernest Hemingway  (via lyrexz)
"My father
was a storm
my mother,
the rain.

I was born
from fire
but I inherited
the sea.”
— Pavana पवन (via maza-dohta)
"It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, a lifestyle, or a job. If it doesn’t make you happy let it go.”
— William Chapman (via xokrista)
"There is no distinction between ourselves and the so-called environment. What we live in and from and with doesn’t surround us—it’s part of us. We’re of it and it’s of us, and the relationship is unspeakably intimate.”
— Wendell Berry (via onceuponawildflower)